LiveWire: Can I go to the park in hopes of losing weight?

Dear Sennit, I am very apprehensive about what will happen this weekend if I leave work early. It is always scary to take that first courageous step to try and veer off the health…

Dear Sennit,

I am very apprehensive about what will happen this weekend if I leave work early. It is always scary to take that first courageous step to try and veer off the health and medical track. The thought of having to visit this regular activity like exercising, mowing the lawn, or trying to stave off fatigue makes me sad. But I know if I work out in the park this weekend, I will be MORE at risk. Let’s talk.

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Dear looking,

I know this is a bit of a vignette here but I wanted to write a follow-up to it as well because it is part of a bigger story. So here we go.

I know there are people who don’t have all the answers about complex medical situations but I think I’m qualified and here to give advice. But I think it is pretty obvious in this case that the patient/friend is unprepared (to the point of idiocy), and quite frankly not being honest with themselves. It is that easy. Having your first opinion ever about how you are going to control your health will result in more questions than answers. That’s what I do, have always done, and want to continue doing.

I’ve reviewed about 5-10 years of the surveillance schedule on you here at LiveWire. Here’s what I recommend in terms of your individual situation.

As long as there are no trends on the external monitors you have, your internal monitors (heart-rhythm, blood-pressure, etc) should continue to be monitored regularly. But here are the things I don’t recommend: going to a train station now, going to a salad restaurant, going to a park with a sprinkler on, or using anything that is super-sexy-looking (eg, reading a magazine). Here’s what I do and think when it comes to everyday life activity when I am not in direct contact with my monitor. I go to the park with my dog, do yoga, fish at a beach, bike ride, and do a regular job at the office. When I go home, I do the same activities.

You can certainly take more physical exercise this weekend (but not too much, given the general concerns of the state of your liver). But your gut feeling here is what matters most to you, and it is informed by your livewire pulse so you can take better care of your health. If you stay on the cardiac and vascular track, you will get the most oxygen for your body and you will improve your chance of avoiding some of the high-risk activities which are harder for someone like you to control. The thing about being charged with extreme limitations with which to operate your life (most of us wish we could do all of that that we enjoy) is that you know the real potential for disaster if you don’t stay on track, and it is real enough to keep you honest. Life is about choices.

You should speak with your primary care physician about your intense health needs. I recommend it. My own practice and the processes we use here make it easier for us to come to a holistic view of your challenges. And if your doctor does not have strong information to help you with this issue, it is your obligation to ask around. It is never too late to learn more about your health, and if your support network thinks you don’t need any other information, then by all means do not let anything prevent you from taking the steps you need to make life a better journey for you.


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